The advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have been remarkable in recent years, with text-to-speech synthesis being one of the most remarkable milestones. TexTalky is a cutting-edge text-to-speech tool that leverages the state-of-the-art WaveNet technology to produce lifelike human speech from text inputs. 

This tool has emerged as the preferred solution for digital content creators looking to enhance their podcasts, videos, and other forms of digital content.

Cloud for good is storage system

One of the key features of TexTalky is its cloud-based audio storage system. This system enables users to store their audio files on a cloud platform, granting them access to their files from any device, anywhere. This feature streamlines the sharing of audio content and enhances the organization of audio files, regardless of the user’s location.

Spanish and others

Offers a vast selection of standard and neural voices, totaling over 745 options. This gives users the flexibility to generate unique and realistic audio content that accurately represents their target audience and message. With a wide range of accents and languages to choose from, users can effortlessly create audio content that connects with their intended audience.


The advanced text analysis tools in TexTalky are another aspect that sets it apart from other text-to-speech solutions. These tools allow users to analyze text accurately and quickly, generating metrics such as sentiment analysis, which can be used to optimize audio content for different audiences. This makes it easier for users to create audio content that is specifically tailored to their target audience.

Freedom to create with WaveNet technology

It also provides customization options that allow users to adjust the speed, tone, and volume of their audio content. Users can also add special effects, such as background music, to create an even more immersive audio experience. These customization options give users the freedom to create audio content that is unique to their brand and message.

Lastly, makes it simple for users to access and share their audio files. Users can download their audio files quickly and share them on social media platforms, or export them to multiple formats for use in various applications.

In conclusion

TexTalky is the ultimate tool for digital content creators seeking to produce high-quality audio content. Its cloud-based audio storage, vast selection of voices, advanced text analysis tools, customization options, and ease of access and sharing make TexTalky the best option for anyone looking to enhance their digital content.

It is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, enabling users to subscribe to the service on a monthly or annual basis. Currently, TexTalky is providing a LIFETIMEDEAL, which provides users with access to the full suite of TexTalky’s features at a significantly reduced cost.

Note about WaveNet technology

WaveNet is a deep generative model developed by Google’s DeepMind that is used for speech synthesis. It generates speech audio samples by predicting the parameters of the audio waveform, one sample at a time, allowing for the creation of highly natural and human-like speech. 

Operates on a conditional generative process, where it predicts the next sample of audio given the previous samples and the corresponding text. 

This unique approach allows WaveNet to capture important nuances of human speech, such as prosody, intonation, and rhythm, resulting in highly natural and expressive speech synthesis. As a result of its remarkable capabilities, WaveNet has been widely adopted by various industries, including the text-to-speech industry, for the creation of advanced speech synthesis applications.